Anthony Clark Reed, age  24, died during a traffic stop because he was allegedly denied access to his asthma inhaler. Reed was stopped by Detroit local police officers on March 30, 2015, for driving erratically while reaching under his seat in addition to possibly illegally tinted windows. During the stop Reed complained of shortness of breath. According to Reed’s father during a phone conversation, a lieutenant with the Detroit police department read him the police report that stated Reed was handcuffed during the stop.  Reed fell unconscious during the stop and was taken to the local hospital where he would die of a heart attack. Reed’s father learned about his son’s death two hours after the incident but did not hear from the police until the following day. It is believed that Reed’s erratic driving was due to searching for his inhaler. According to Detroit police spokeswoman Nicole Kirkwood, officers gave Clark Reed his inhaler, performed CPR when he passed out and called medics to the scene. The cause of death has not yet been officially determined. The Reed family has retained a lawyer and are contemplating a lawsuit pending the results of an investigation. RELATED
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