There has been a sense of unease in Baltimore since the outburst of violence, but with Friday’s announcement that charges will be filed against six officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray that ultimately led to his death, the response has been a mixture of overwhelming positivity and relief. As people in Baltimore took to the streets to celebrate the charges against the officers, others took to social media to share their reactions following City Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s press conference.

Not all reactions were positive, though. Some reactions on Twitter were what we have come to expect from people supportive of current police tactics and those hostile to the #BlackLivesMatter movement in general. Blaming citizens for the violence and opinions about the inherent criminality of Black people is almost expected at this point.

As the mug shots of the indicted officers were released to the public, there were the obvious reactions about the race of the six officers. Led by terrible reporting on the part of CNN, of course, there were widespread opinions about how the death of #FreddieGray could not possibly be racialized since half of the officers arrested were Black.

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