In 2013, the struggle for equality and against oppression is still a very real fight.

Fifty years after the March on Washington the Black community still feels the sting of institutionalized racism and systemic oppression in ways that many of us hope would be a distant memory. But as we continue to the fight that started during the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s we’re constantly being told that we need to include other social justice fights in our own. We need to pick up the fight for immigration reform and LGBTQ rights. We need to be a part of the women’s rights movements seeking reproductive rights over their own body and equal pay in the workplace. But some feel as if that’s not fair.

How can we pick up these other fights while our initial battle is still being fought? How do we align ourselves with movements who don’t seem to care about our situations? This was the question that was being asked when TWiB! published “What Now? Expanding the Umbrella of Civil Rights.” After I shared the article on social media I received a few responses questioning the need for intersectionality. The following is a conversation I had with one gentlemen on Twitter who challenged my assertion that to fight for all of these different spaces is still a fight for Black People.

For this week’s Storified Blackness, Elon got into an entirely reasonable discussion about identity politics, coalition building and intersectionality on Twitter. Miraculously, no one set their timelines on fire.

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