Calvon Reid, a meat salesman and “sometime” homeless man, was Tased to death in Coconut Creek, Florida, on February 22, 2015, by local police. According to police, the 39 year old was “uncooperative” with paramedics. Reid was allegedly injured in an unspecified attack but refused medical treatment from paramedics on the scene. Reid, according to CBS Miami, became belligerent toward the paramedics. The paramedics called the police who questioned Reid about being in a private apartment complex as well as about being attacked. The questioning escalated to a physical confrontation in which officers Tased Reid at least three times. During the confrontation witnesses overheard officers telling Reid “Don’t move or I’ll break your [expletive] arm. They also heard Reid telling officers ‘I can’t breath.'” Reid died two days later.

An investigation revealed that almost all of the officers in the Coconut Creek police force Taser certifications had lapsed in 2007 and that as a result they were not qualified to use them. This revelation resulted in the resignation of Michael Mann, police chief of the Coconut Creek police department. This isn’t the first time Coconut Creek officers have had issues with Tasers. According to the Florida Bulldog, in 2013 an officer pulled and activated his Taser while interrogating a 19 year old in a bathtub.

The state attorney is conducting an investigation of Reid’s death.


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