I’d like to first apologize for jumping on the “Kick Don Lemon” train. Besides some tweets and jokes on TWiB Radio, I really had nothing else to say about the guy. His latest role as  “truth teller to the masses”  has been mocked pretty hard, but Lemon is still going. In his brain, he isn’t the newscaster that the people want, he’s the newscaster the people need.

And by people, I mean “Black People.”

From his various sparring matches with Black Twitter for chastising the community to attempting to  show his membership to the the Black community, Mr. Lemon has reached a level of notoriety that he hadn’t had before but apparently desperately wanted. His latest foray into the “topic of the moment” allowed him to mix a sports celebrity, tragedy porn and a lovely helping of finger-wagging at Negroes.

In recent days, various commentators  have weighed in on the tragic death of Adrian Peterson’s two-year-old son, but it was Don Lemon who really got some air underneath him when he went for the douchebag slam dunk.

This Adrian Peterson secret love child beating death story has been really bothering me.

Oh tell us, Negro Whisperer …

Bothering me obviously because the boy was just two years old and was allegedly beaten to death by his mom’s boyfriend who was not the child’s father.

Bothering me also because the dead boy’s father is Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson,an NFL MVP, who appears to be more MIA, than MVP.


The child’s death is certainly tragic. And I feel bad for all of those who loved him. But like many people out there, I’m struggling with how to feel about his dad, Adrian Peterson.

You mean sad for a dude who just lost a son he never had a chance to know?

Because, although Peterson allegedly didn’t know definitively that the boy was his until a few months ago. A few months are not a few weeks, not a few days. A few months are a few months. That’s a long time.

A long time for what? Can you become an absentee father in 2 months? Is that the argument here?

Peterson is reported to have said that when he found out, he quote, supercharged his efforts to be a part of the boy’s life.

But within those months, Peterson never met the boy. The boy was never flown to meet him for the weekend. He never flew to meet the boy on one of his days off.

Does that sound like supercharged to you?

Oh, so obviously Don Lemon must have installed a chip in Mr. Peterson’s brain and monitored all correspondence between him and his son’s mother for the months he knew about his child. Lemon is clearly familiar with all of the ins and outs of a successful football player in the middle of a season who’s dealing with a multitude of unknown issues. Actually, who the hell are you to even be questioning it?

Again I’m not judging, I’m just asking.

Just asking? That’s not just asking. That’s actively establishing rhetoric about an intensely personal situation to which Lemon has no connection in order to make a bigger argument in his crusade to check the Black community. Not only has he taken on the ridiculous fight for and promotion of “Respectability politics,” Lemon is using his public platform to overstep in a space that he has no right to judge, and acting as some sort of ordained “Black leader” to chastise a man whose toddler son was just murdered.

Shorter me: Don Lemon is being an asshole.

It’s not his place to check the Black community. It’s not his place to check Adrian Peterson. Yes, he’s a public figure, but there should be a modicum of reasonableness in the field of media, and Lemon has failed. I’m not attempting to defend Peterson. He’s not the point. This is about Don Lemon’s confused positionality. He’s wrong. He’s insensitive.

And in all honesty? Don Lemon needs to fall back and do his actual job as opposed to acting like the mythical position of Negro Ruler Supreme. Stop being a dick.

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