The Official @elonjames F.A.Q.

When you work on social media as much as I do you find yourself besieged with the same questions over and over and it gets frustrating. So after having this suggested to me numerous times I have finally put together a F.A.Q. around some topics that I’m questioned on constantly no matter how often I’ve explained it. I’ll be updating this periodically.

1 ) “Did you support Bernie Sanders?”
2) “Why do you hate Bernie Sanders?”
3) “Did you support Hillary Clinton?”
“Why do you hate Hillary Clinton?”
5)  “So you didn’t vote?”
6)“Are you on the Democratic Party payroll?”
7) “Are you on the Republican Party payroll?”
“Are you funded by George Soros?”
9) “Are you a leader/member of Black Lives Matter?”
“Why do you hate cops?”
11) “Why do you hate White People?”
12) “You are the founder of “This Week in Blackness.” If there was a This Week in Whiteness it’d be racist, right?”.
13) “Why is it all about race with you?”
14) “Why do you hate America?”
15) “If America sucks so much why don’t you leave?”
16) Are you funded by Big Jew?”
17) “Are you funded by Big Gay?”
18) “Why don’t you care about drones?”
19) “Didn’t you say that Black People on Twitter were just as racist as White people are?”
20) “How are you so pro-Black but you hired a bunch of White women to write for you instead of Black women?”




“Did you support Bernie Sanders?” –TOP–

“Why do you hate Bernie Sanders?” –TOP–
I don’t. I resent(ed) being told how amazing Sanders and every critique given around his platform, words and actions being boiled down to me being a “neoliberal” or “elite.” I found his constant pivoting around issues of race and specifically the Black community to be problematic. And his marching with King, to me, would’ve been more reason he should speak directly to the Black community about our myriad issue as opposed to letting us know how much cared before.

“Did you support Hillary Clinton?” –TOP–
Nope. I’ve had various issues with Clinton politically but during the election I begged for a day one plan to deal with Black death at the hand of the states. Hillary, like Bernie, put out a criminal justice platform (Thank you BLM) but it had no timelines. No methods outside “we’ll pay for it with taxes!” A plan consists of an action, implementation of said action, method to pay for said action and how to complete the action especially when we know there are a shit ton of things to stop any action being done. Now, I would’ve preferred a Clinton presidency 1000x’s more than a Trump one but I’m a bit tired of my community’s votes being expected and our issues aren’t centered. Black Women are the loyalist voting bloc for Dems and yet issues in our communities are given lip service.

“Why do you hate Hillary Clinton?” –TOP–
I don’t hate Hillary Clinton. I didn’t particular care for how she and her husband handled the 2008 election when they ran against Obama and the dog whistles used but I don’t hate her.

“So you didn’t vote?” –TOP–
Who said that? I said I didn’t support Sanders or Clinton and clearly I hope Trump falls down. But I never said I wasn’t voting. All politics are local. I stressed this during the election and said you can vote all down ballot and ignore the presidential race. That’s still voting. I know, weird.

“Are you on the Democratic Party payroll?” –TOP–
Are you inquiring or offering? Because currently I’m running an Black independent media company and if there’s a Democratic payroll I just want to know where to send my invoices to.

“Are you on the Republican Party payroll?” –TOP–
Republicans have shat on me regularly and labeled me a racist so many times. But if they wanna send me money be my guest! I’ll look at it as reparations.

“Are you funded by George Soros?” –TOP–
I don’t think Soros or his organization know I exist. I worked on a project one time that apparently Soros’s org funded and I got a few hundred dollars for travel. To run my organization it costs a 15-20K a month. So Imma argue, no.

“Are you a leader/member of Black Lives Matter?” –TOP–
Not even kinda. I’ve met the founders of BLM (even had lunch with one of them) and I support their work but I am not a member which means I’m REALLY not a leader. But I’ve found it funny how many have tried to claim I’m responsible for BLM actions which erases the queer Black woman doing this work. I run a media organization. Not an activist organization.

“Why do you hate cops?” –TOP–
I don’t hate cops. I’m terrified of cops. There’s a difference. No what’s true is that I don’t subscribe to the “bad apple” theory of cops because if it was simply a few bad apples then wouldn’t all these other amazing good cops call the bad apples out and make them accountable as opposed to police unions constantly blaming my community and derailing conversations on police brutality with “What about Black on Black crime?

“Why do you hate White People?” –TOP–
Watch the History Channel.

Kidding. Sorta. I don’t hate White people. When folks ask or imply that I hate White People it echoes when dudes say that feminists hate Men. They can be married to a dude, raising sons, actively talk about how they care about the wellbeing of men (i.e BW talking BM) and yet they hate Men because they don’t want to accept dude’s Male Privilege and being treated badly. Critiquing does not mean hate. And the sooner folks realize that then I can delete a few of these

“You are the founder of “This Week in Blackness.” If there was a This Week in Whiteness it’d be racist, right?”. –TOP–
Yes. Next question.  

“Why is it all about race with you?” –TOP–
Because race permeates throughout our society. Also I’m Black. Anytime I don’t bring race up rest assured someone else will to explain my stance or to throw some dumbass stereotype at me.

“Why do you hate America?” –TOP–
Better question: Why does America hate me? Now if I’m to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of “America™.” I”m not sure how I can be a fan of a country that built its wealth on the back of my people, enslaved us, killed us, supposedly freed us then spent decades treating us like dirt and the effects of our oppression still reverberates through our communities but then asks “why are Black people/communities/families struggling with poverty and crime? But facts are facts. I was born here so I am an American citizen. But I refuse to pretend that America is a magical meritocracy where we are equal. I’m not blind.


“If America sucks so much why don’t you leave?” –TOP–
I’ll leave when I’m good and gatdamb ready. The last thing you can possibly ask a descendant of slaves is why don’t they leave America. You mean this place that we built?  Yeah, ok.

Are you funded by Big Jew?” –TOP–
Um. Contrary to some of the White Genociders no. I’m not funded by Big Jew. I’m married to a small Jew but our finances are pretty mixed with both of us working fulltime so…

“Are you funded by Big Gay?” –TOP–
Seriously. Tell me where to send my invoices to. I need these checks y’all keep thinking I’m getting. But for the record, asshats, no.

“Why don’t you care about drones?” –TOP–
Er. I’ve actually said I care about drones before. This idea became popular when certain subset White Liberals™ decided to troll Black people who were mourning the death of our community at the hands of the state. I pointed out that mourning and speaking out against our murder here in the states wasn’t pro-drones. But we all have lanes. While I might not spend as much time on Drones as some activists it doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means that we’re all supposed to be working toward justice and that some of us focus on certain topics. And when you dismiss the concerns of Black folks about being murdered because we didn’t speak out on Drones enough your privilege is showing.

19) “Didn’t you say that Black People on Twitter were just as racist as White people are?” –TOP–
Absolutely not. This particular piece of nonsense got started when Black Twitter’s Wikipedia page was created. It misquoted an article from years ago that asked me about hashtags.  I then pointed out that this was wrong. I edited the Wiki page and editors in charge of it agreed that I was misquoted. Now this didn’t matter to some folks who initially read the incorrect Wiki and from that point on folks claimed this is what I said. So no. I don’t believe that, never said that, and wish this stupid misinterpretation would die in a dumpster fire. 

20) “How are you so pro-Black but you hired a bunch of White women to write for you instead of Black women?” –TOP–
Define “hire?” Running an indie media space is hard enough. Running a Black indie media space is harder. So we’ve been on our grind for almost a decade and for large portions (and hell, sometimes now) we can’t pay folks to work with us but they want to we partner. This particular narrative started when I had 2 White women who were big fans of TWIBnation and had expertise on subjects we cover (Law & Academia, respectively.) Because of their politics matching ours, their expertise I published blog posts from them. They did not get paid a dime. And the reason why I didn’t actively chase down Black women to do these posts is because I knew I couldn’t pay them. There are tons of conversations about Black Women being paid what their worth and I agree. I don’t want to ask people to work for nothing (although, as I said it does happen on occasion.) The one time we had a reasonable budget for writing I hired 4 Black women to write. And they were PAID for their work. Now if you’re mad that I would possibly publish anything written by a White person then I accept that and we can agree to disagree. My number 1 goal is uplift voices from my community. That said, I will publish or feature on-air White voices if they are true “allies” and I’m not taking up space with them from Black folks who WANT to do the work and either will do it uncompensated or we have the budget for it. 

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