mb1fixedGod is truly moving and working. He knows my thoughts and my heart. Dealing with trolls and misleading media outlets, walking back to our hotel I saw Attorney Crump & held my chest in awe. Looking to the left, there was this large powerful man, having a moment to himself in the corner. It was Michael Brown Jr’s father. I asked if he was the father and also asked if I could give him a hug. He let me. A hug like we were family even though he does not know my name. But I know God makes us family. I briefly explained to him that my friends and I have been out in the streets of Ferguson since day 1 to support and help protesters any way that we can. He seemed overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed even speaking and looking up to this giant of a man, so somber and humble. I thank God for Michael Brown Jr and his family. Pray for them and their spirits.  
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