Help Give Fucks To The Needy on @TWIBprime

Help Give Fucks To The Needy on @TWIBprime

fucks-mainIt’s hard out here at #TWIBnation.

Covering stories of injustice, news, race, and politics can be exhausting. But #TeamBlackness takes on the challenge Monday through Thursday and they need help! They’re running out of fucks. At the moment, each of the three hosts of the award-winning @TWIBprime has only three fucks per episode. How does one talk about Ben Carson, Don Lemon, Ted Cruz, Young Thug, and the ENTIRE Republican party on SO LITTLE FUCKS? It’s not a fair thing to ask. But you can help. You can donate a fuck for only $5 . You can even send a fuck to the host you think needs it the most or you can ask that your fucks be used on a specific docket story that needs all of the fucks. Be the change you want to see in others.

It’s up to you to give a fuck.

How Many F**K will you give?
Note To #TWIBnation


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