The Baltimore Sun reported a new program announced by Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby to help nonviolent criminals clear their criminal record. Mosby, who previously made headlines for seeking indictments against six officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, announced the program in mid-May.

First-time nonviolent drug offenders will be able to clear their records by participating in the program which includes: three years probation, job training, a five-month internship and help obtaining employment. The effort named Aim to B’More will address issues previously ignored by the public. “People talk about Baltimore’s crime problem, but what isn’t talked about is the real issue at hand: systematic poverty,” Mosby stated.

This is not the first time a program of this nature has been implemented by a Black female district attorney. California Attorney General Kamala Harris instituted a similar program in 2009, when she served as the district attorney of San Francisco. Kamala Harris is frequently mentioned in conversations for higher office, as Senator Barbara Boxer is retiring when her term ends. There is little doubt with her continuous exposure to the national spotlight Marilyn Mosby may be following in the same path.

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