When North Miami Police Department officer Jonathan Aledda shot Charles Kinsey, an unarmed Black behavioral specialist, last August, cell phone footage showed that Kinsey was lying in the street with his hands up when he was shot. Kinsey had been trying to get his autistic patient out of the street, and Aledda claimed that he thought the toy truck the patient was playing with was a gun. North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene’s interview with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the agency that investigated the shooting for criminal misconduct, revealed that Aledda had been told by another officer on the scene that it was toy before he pulled the trigger. Colorlines reports:

“In the interview, Eugene alleges that an officer told the shooter that Rio had a toy, not a gun, and not to shoot.”

“He also revealed that officers were attempting to intimidate other officers to say that the young man was loading a gun. “They were more concerned about clearing the officer of any wrongdoing than actually getting any impartial investigation,” he says on the recording.”

Hopefully, this revelation will lead to one of those rare indictments in the case of police shootings. Meanwhile, Charles Kinsey has a lawsuit pending against the department and Aledda.

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