Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi released a statement today on what she’s termed Republicans’ hiding plan to Make America Sick Again. She charges Republican leadership with drafting their plan to repeal the American Care Act behind closed doors, and takes them to task for their lack of transparency toward both Democratic leadership and their own constituents.

Read the full statement below:

“If Republicans are too terrified of their constituents to make their plan to destroy affordable health care public, they shouldn’t try to make it law.  With no public hearings and no CBO score, Republicans have chosen a cowardly process to Make America Sick Again before their constituents realize the damage that could be done.

“Republicans have spent years howling about the process through which the ACA was passed.  The fact is that, in writing the ACA, the House and Senate went through a transparent, open and lengthy legislative process.  Before we enacted the ACA in 2010, the House held 79 bipartisan hearings and markups over the span of two years.  The Senate Finance Committee spent eight days marking it up – the longest markup in 22 years.

“Now, Republicans are disgracing every pledge of transparency and regular order.  President Trump and the Republican Congress are ambushing the American people with a bill that will raise health costs on the middle class, eviscerate their coverage, and push millions of people off health coverage of any kind.  Tens of millions of Americans will suffer because of Republicans’ Make America Sick Again agenda, and they should have the courage to say so.”

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