Rekia Boyd, age 22, was shot and killed by off-duty police officer Dante Servin on March 21, 2012. Servin, after making a call to 911 complaining about a loud party in a park near his Chicago, Illinois home his home with an unregistered semi-automatic handgun, according to the indictment. Prosecutors allege that Servin then got into an argument with  a group of people in an alley and shot at them from his car. Boyd was wounded in the shooting and died the following day. Boyd’s death sparked protests with over 200 Chicagoans holding a rally in front of Servin’s home. During a recent rally Boyd’s mother stated “They say that her death was justified. Her death was justified. Man. How? What did Rekia  do? That’s what everybody asks me. And I’m still trying to find out. Because talking to everybody that was involved, I get the same answer. Nothing. So why is she dead?” Servin, who claims that he believed that one of the people he argued with was armed, is set to begin trial proceedings. He is the first Chicago officer to face involuntary manslaughter charges in 15 years and faces up to five years in prison. RELATED
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