CaptureKris Steele, a former Oklahoma lawmaker in the state’s House of Representative, spearheaded two ballot measures in 2016 to address the increasing trend of appearing to be “tough on crime” with more criminal charges and harsher sentencing. Both ballot measure passed, however, legislators in 2017 are seeking to reverse these initiative. The Atlantic reports:

“…2017 has seen legislators in states around the countries moving to try to reverse ballot initiatives passed by voters in Novembers election, seeking to roll back minimum-wage increases, tax increases, and other matters. In other cases, legislators are seeking to make it harder to place such initiatives on the ballot in the first place. And so despite his victory at the polls, the fate of Steele’s two measures remains uncertain.”

When the Legislative Session began in Oklahoma City in February, several Republican lawmakers introduced bills to roll back these reforms. The same moves are being made in Arizona and Maine, reminding us to pay attention to the divide between not only Democrats and Republicans, but voters and legislators as well.

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