With President Donald J. Trump’s wildly erratic, reckless and incompetent behavior during his first few weeks in office plus the ever-growing questions about his business conflicts and ties with Russia, the conversation over impeachment has been growing. Which brings us to Richmond, California.

The Richmond City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution calling on the United States Congress to investigate whether President Donald Trump’s business dealings warrant impeachment.

The East Bay city is the first in the nation to pass a resolution of this kind, according to officials. Councilmember Gayle McLaughlin, who introduced the largely symbolic resolution, said she wanted a copy sent to nearby cities to empower them to approve similar motions. Constituents in Alameda are already pushing for their city council to take the same step in denouncing the Trump administration.

“This is our voice,” McLaughlin said. “This is our country. We have a right to speak up.” (Via NBC Bay Area)

While it’s not surprising that a California city would be leading this charge (Hillary Clinton won California by over 4 million votes) it’s still something to note as polls show more and more Americans question President Trump’s ability to lead. Being an amazingly unpopular new president and having lost the popular vote, Trump seems destined for a spectacular downfall. But that’s what folks thought during the 2016 election. With Republicans’ desire to pass conservative legislation outweighing holding the president accountable who knows what will happen.

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