The Orange Demon makes false claims again. It’s also a day ending in y.

And yet again, it seems like he got his information from cable news. He could’ve just looked the information up himself since it’s easily found. But yet again, he didn’t understand what they were saying and went left with it. But luckily virtually everyone said “nah.”

Trump has an issue with Obama, clearly. I think his issue is that he didn’t realize how hard it is to be president. And Obama is constantly thrown up in his face, the same guy whose very legitimacy he questioned for years. The same guy who he claimed was incompetent and lazy. Yet now he realizes that Obama is his better in every way. You can disagree with various policies of Obama and his administration but you can’t possibly think that he wasn’t leagues better than Trump.

You may also wonder “If Trump continues to lie, mislead, and get shit wrong over and over, why do you post about it?” Because we have to. At this point Trump is lying so much and so often that it’s easy to stop and give up. But that’s why there must be a continuous push to air out his bullshit. And air out we shall.

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