Today in “What the F***?” news…

Nobody knew? Nobody knew? Nobody flonkin’ knew?

One of Trump’s biggest campaign promises was the repeal of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. Republicans have been actively salivating at the repeal of the Obama era landmark healthcare law while failing to come up with a reasonable replacement. Eighteen million would be left uninsured and for transparency’s sake: I am one of the 18 million. The president repeatedly explained how the Affordable Care Act was failing to cite┬ápremiums. Should we discuss how premiums have been a problem way before Obamacare? Because for everyone without amnesia, we’re very familiar with changing premiums.

One point that gets lost in the sauce is that a significant factor in the changing costs was the profit loss insurance companies had. According to a 2015 report insurance companies lost $2.7 billion on the individual market based on them paying more for claims than they had expected. Or in layman’s terms: People actually went to the doctor and sought care.

I know. What a terrible, terrible thing, people getting health care n’shit from the healthcare industry. Early reports have stated that the current draft of the Republican healthcare plan will have millions losing insurance, it will cover less and premiums will be higher for older folks. Sounds AMAZING.*

*No it doesn’t.

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