Trump signing new #MuslimBan. Photo Tweeted by Sean Spicer

President Donald J. Trump has signed another executive order to curtail Muslim immigration into the United States.

The Trump administration has signed a new executive order that temporarily bans people from six majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States.

The new executive order, effective next week, officially revokes and replaces the controversial order President Trump signed in late-January that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked last month. The new order has been crafted to attempt to withstand legal challenge, exempting permanent legal residents and applying only to future visa applicants, not those who already hold valid visas. (Via ABC News)

The new updated #MuslimBan (which is being referred to as #TravelBan) does a lot of what the initial ban did while clarifying that green card holders, dual nationals, current visa holders, diplomats and people who have already been granted asylum or refugee status, stripping language that targeted Syrian refugees and now freezes all refugee resettlement, allowing Iraq Nationals to dodge this order due to supposed negotiations between Iraq and the U.S.

But a few things jumped out at me.

The timelines in the new executive order and the original one that was halted by multiple judges and the U.S. Appeals court are the same. But there’s a 30+ day difference in when they were signed which to me begs the question: for the past month was the White House not working on the supposed threats to our nation that required it to push such an incredibly flawed and problematic executive order in the first place? The new EO specifically states anyone from the targeted six countries had received/applied for a visa or refugee status after Mr. Trump’s previous executive order was signed, they still can’t enter the country.

So if we were to take Mr. Trump’s words and reasoning at face value, wouldn’t the timelines that were initially outlined be shorter now? Remember, this is just “a pause.” Why stretch the pause out longer than need be especially when the Department of Homeland Security has found no evidence of extra threats posed by any of the countries listed in the #MuslimBan. What’s the logic behind this? With so much questioning on what the very idea of this travel ban means to what America claims to be, why not work through this as quickly as possible unless there are other things at play?

Updates to come.

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