trumpFor the second time this month, a Jewish cemetery was the target of a seemingly anti-Semitic attack in the city of Philadelphia. While threats and attacks against cemeteries, synagogues, and other Jewish organizations have increased markedly since Donald Trump’s inauguration, Trump has suggested that the perpetrators could actually be opponents of his. When addressing the attacks at a meeting with attorneys general from across the US,Trump stated: “you’ve got to be careful, it could be the reverse. This could be the reverse, trying to make people look bad.”

It’s not the first time that Trump has tried to dodge responsibility for violence threatened or perpetrated in his name:

During the presidential campaign, Mr. Trump was questioned for his seemingly reluctant denunciation of David Duke, the former Klansman who backed him, and for the onslaught of anti-Semitic hate from supporters on social media. At a news conference this month, Mr. Trump suggested that people who were holding up anti-Semitic signs at rallies were doing so to make him look bad. The New York Times

Trump is slated to speak during a joint session in Congress later this evening. We’ll stay tuned to see who else he plans to blame for the acts of hate that follow him.

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