#TeamBlackness dives into the the election cycle, Hillary’s open door for the wealthy, SCOTUS on Voting rights and how Imani of Philadelphia, first of her name, slayed 84 Bull Dragons and her title of protector of COCK…er spaniels. 

Featuring Elon James White @elonjames,  Imani Gandy @angryblacklady, and Amber Flame @blkunic0rn 

Enjoy the podcast? Check out the TV show on Free Speech TV Mon-Thurs at 9pm ET/6pm PT. 

  • Opening Theme: Enter the Blackness by Jasiri X feat. Willie Evans Jr. & Elon James White
  • Closing Theme: Blackberry Remix by Macarone feat. Willie Evans Jr. & Elon James White

TWiB! Prime w/ @elonjames White is a This Week in Blackness presentation. All Rights Reserved ©2016


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