Hey folks!

Welcome to @TheTWIBularity – our premium podcast app. Only our #TWIBnation: All Access subscribers have access to our mobile app, which will be the easiest way to access all the awesome from This Week in Blackness. I can’t properly express my excitement about this time in #TWIBnation. We’re on the path to sustainability and we’re finding new ways to service our audience (like this app!) We’ll be announcing new shows and partnerships over the next few months so keep an eye on this space. And if you have any ideas that you might like to see implemented into the app let us know! Not that we’ll actually DO those things (resources are a helluva drug…wait…) but we’ll definitely keep them in mind as we find new and interesting options to add.

Make sure you have notifications on for this app because that’s how we’ll let you know when we go live or deliver breaking news. This is the next level, folks.

Welcome to @TheTWIBularity.

- ejw

*UPDATED: 8.11.14- There was a test notification sent out by the app team to make sure notifications had been restored to the app. Please ignore the random “hello”

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