It’s #TWIBnation’s second day in Baltimore. From the massive police and media presence at the intersections of North and Penn to the illuminating conversation with our neighbors in Federal Hill, there were a lot of experiences that we needed to digest and get out.

Helicopter hovering over quiet Baltimore neighborhood #BaltimoreDispatch #TWIBnation

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The afternoon was quiet with no big protests scheduled, but there were local leaders who organized training and healing sessions for the local community dealing with a history of unrest and an antagonizing and aggressive police force. The session, called “Addressing the Root Cause of the Unrest: Dealing with Present and Historical Racial Trauma,” was only open to Black people and focused on speaking about the daily trauma of being Black in America. The session was led by mental health professionals to provide psychological assistance. 


The Urban Business Center was in the middle of a visibly rundown neighborhood and like a lot of the impoverished areas of Baltimore that we’ve seen so far, it was a well-kept building surrounded by urban decay. Some media tried to enter the space and were turned away, as the organizers of the session were very serious about maintaining a safe and private space. The organizer addressed the media that tried to enter by noting that the media’s perception of her community hadn’t been very kind, making her very cautious.

After leaving the session, we went to eat and could see the effect the curfew was having on local neighborhood and service industry. The streets were empty and in a neighborhood full of restaurants and bars, the curfew has to be economically devastating.

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