After an intense week of protests in the wake of the murder of Freddie Gray, it appears that normalcy is slowly returning to the city of Baltimore. In a statement on Sunday, Mayor Rawlings-Blake rescinded the 10 p.m. curfew she leveled upon the city as a means of quelling the Baltimore protests. Contributing to what appears to be dwindling protests was the Friday announcement by Baltimore City State Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby that she would be pursuing charges against six of the officers involved in his arrest, transport and subsequent death. In addition to the charges, Mayor Rawlings-Blake in a press conference came out strongly in stating that her administration would not be kind to officers found to be abusive of power and protocol. Adding to the city’s returning calm, the National Guard began leaving the city. According to National Guard Spokesman  Col. Charles S. Kohler “Some of that 1,400 have already been released today. It’s a very fluid situation,” he said. The troops are no longer “out manning the streets” he said, but “some are available if needed.” To date roughly 3,000 National Guardsman were mobilized during the uprising. The city remains under a state of emergency Monday but according to Governor Larry Hogan it would be lifted soon.


Just as quickly as calm began to take hold over Baltimore reports are coming in of police shooting a protestor near the epicenter of what had been the #BaltimoreUprising. Details are scarce but the Baltimore Police Department has confirmed the shooting via Twitter. According to Fox News, witnesses report that a young black male was shot multiple times.


Baltimore Police are recanting their earlier statement of a police-involved shooting. According to Salon, Fox News has also recanted their report on air. “We were wrong,” Fox News host Shepherd Smith said on Monday. “Our people on scene were wrong … unless there is new information to come forward.”


Reports now coming in that while the unidentified protestor was not shot, it is now being reported that the unidentified protestor’s gun went off during a foot pursuit. The Baltimore Police department is now requesting media presence for a statement. Reports via social media are also stating that the crowd around the incident was dispersed with pepper spray. Updates will be made available as they arrive.
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