Darren Wilson

The court documents released in support of the civil case against former police officer Darren Wilson in the slaying of Michael Brown have Wilson admitting to a very different encounter than the story the media spun. The Root reports:

As part of a civil suit filed last year against Wilson, a court document reveals some stunning admissions from the former Ferguson police officer. In a court docket filed Dec. 28, the cop who killed Brown admitted to using racial slurs, cursing at Brown before he was killed and grabbing him without provocation.

According to the document, Wilson acknowledges that he spotted Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson on Canfield Drive on Aug. 9. He will not admit that they were engaged in any criminal activity other than jaywalking. He pulled his police car over, blocking the path of the teenager and his friend.

The officer does not dispute the fact that he didn’t radio anyone before stopping the two pedestrians and telling Brown to “get the fuck back” after opening the police door.

Court papers show that Wilson admits that Brown never tried to take his gun or initiate contact in any way before he fired on him 10 times. A secret grand jury acquitted Wilson of wrongdoing in November 2014, and he continues to reap the benefits of over $500,000 crowdsourced in support of him and his family after committing this racially motivated murder.

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