It’s about to go DOWN.

TWiB.FM, the official broadcast network of #TWIBnation are bringing back some audience favorites! This week is the return of Historical Blackness w/ Dr. Blair Kelley, This Tastes Funny, Academic Shade with Dr. Anthea Butler and the long awaited #WeNerdHard! All of this magic plus the regular TWiB.FM classics such as Black Girl Nerds, TWiB! Afterdark and #TWiBnation’s flagship show @TWiBprime w/ Elon James White.

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[xtestimonial_item name=”Alan Crocker” title=”iTunes Review 8.2.15″ avatar=”0″ avatar_url=””]TWIB’s consistently funny and informative and it exposes me to viewpoints I might not hear otherwise (unlikea lot of white folks I can’t claim to have a lot of black friends) I appreciate Elon’s care for his levels, too. A lotof podcasts don’t worry too much about that and it makes an otherwise good podcast unlistenable. Even when someone on TWIB gets loud it’s never annoying or overwhelming thanks to good editing.”
[xtestimonial_item name=”Lavinia SheBeShonuff” title=”Stitcher Review 3/15″ avatar=”0″ avatar_url=””]This podcast makes my day. They never fail to keep me not only informed but well entertained. Each episode is smart, snarky and sufficiently black. The passion for what they do shows in the quality podcasts they put out each time.
[xtestimonial_item name=”PromoCat 2016″ title=”iTunes Review 8.25.15″ avatar=”0″ avatar_url=””]”Someone turned me onto this podcast and boy am I glad they did. The podcast gives you such an array of emotions from white knuckle anger to maniacal laughing…it really saves me on my long boring commute.”

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