This Week in Blackness is a multimedia platform creating digital content spanning online publications, podcast networks, video series, live events and TV shows.

TWiB! Is the epitome of new media and it wears this badge seriously by creating the media that it’s audience is in need of. From the podcast series We Nerd Hard and Historical Blackness, the broadcast stage at Netroots Nation (known as the TWiB! Stage), on the ground reporting from Ferguson, Baltimore to Berkeley and the latest news magazine program TWiB! Prime w/ @elonjames White.

Founded by Elon James White, TWiB! Is populated and staffed by an ever changing cast of national leaders and amazing talents such as Brooklyn NAACP President L. Joy Williams, Brand consultant Dara M Wilson, Sr. Legal Analyst Imani Gandy and more.

How to Support TWiB! Media

By donating to TWiB! Media, you ensure that even more voices of color are heard in various spaces and that content is created that battles what corporate media provides. Your support can help continue a long history of black independent media.  TWiB  not only creates quality content but links like-minded folks across the globe–and we want to do even more. Help us and we will continue be the media that you want to hear–and that the media needs to hear.

By subscribing to the TWiBularity, you can help TWiB! Media maintain a sustainable independent media network. The TWiBularity is a premium digital content service brought to you by This Week in Blackness. To register for the TWiBularity, please visit http://twib.fm/membership-account/membership-levels.

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